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Hi everyone,
I've been a fan of the books for a while and after discovering some of my lj friends were readers of Terry Brooks' creations I thought I'd have a look if there was a community for fellow fans. I first discovered Shannara when I found the trilogy edition of Jerle Shannara in my uni union in the bargain box for £5, so unfortunately I haven't read them in order. I've read Sword and I'm nearing the end of Elfstones at the moment, but I haven't read any of the other books so I know I have quite a few to get through!
Well, if you want to know anymore about me then you can have a look at my journal, my userinfo has pretty much everything you'd want to know.
It's great there is a community and that it's active, hope to catch you around.
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Hello and welcome.

It's been quiet here lately but I know that our friends are still active, hehe.

Strangely, we are the same! I've not read them in order as well and I started with Voyage! But I managed to find all Shannara books and addicted to thenm!
It seems no one's read them in order! Thanks for the welcome, it is a little but who knows, maybe we can get some discussion going.
Welcome and enjoy. I can say that I didn't start in order either. I started with Scions if I'm remembering correctly. I even ended up reading First King before getting to sword. I just went by what I could find at my library, I was poor so I couldn't just go to the bookstore and buy them in order. Ah well, worked out all the same. I like your avatar, it gave me a good laugh there :)
Hi, thanks for welcoming me, it seems pretty quiet here. Shouldn't First King be read first? I tried to rely on my library but it's small and never had what I needed to read (for some logical order) so I had to buy Sword and Elfstones. That icon's an old favourite of mine :) oh and I like yours :) I love that song.
I didn't notice the spoilers since I read the books out of order, but First King should be read after the Heritage series. It's a matter of following the published order. You get some insight about the ancestors of some of the characters in Sword, and the origins of a certain other character. I will say no more :)