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The Elves of Cintra

Brooks has released the first chapter of The Elves of Cintra, book two of Genesis of Shannara.

From the newsletter:
Dear Readers,

As you know from reading ARMAGEDDON'S CHILDREN, the ending left you hanging in midair. Literally. Even though I publish on a regular yearly schedule, each book coming out right around the first of September, I realize that in this case I am asking a lot of you to wait an entire year.

So to compensate for the wait and the series of cliffhangers I left you with last September, I decided to offer a post of the first chapter in the next book, THE ELVES OF CINTRA, a little early. While this chapter doesn't resolve everything, it does offer insight into what happened to Hawk and Tessa and what lies ahead for Logan Tom. I appreciate your patience with me on letting this series unfold over three books, and I hope that in the course of your reading you will come to agree with me that segmenting the story as I did was the best approach.

Wishing you all a good 2007,

Terry Brooks
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