Wink (einmonim) wrote in shannarafans,

A little help?

Well, it looks like no one's posted in here for a while, so I guess I'm here to change that? Anyway, I run the Shannara fansite The Shannara Files and I've been in the mood to make some wallpapers for it recently (you can find ones I've made already here, though only the last one is even remotely recent). But yeah, I was looking to make some quote-based wallpapers (since there's a lack of high-res Shannara images out there so quotes are easier to do), and I was wondering if anyone had any quotes they liked that they could share? I posted this question on the Terry Brooks forums but no one replied, so I'm forced to think that no one there can apparently come up with a quote they like from one of their favorite authors. :/ I'm hoping the LJ community, however small, will be more useful...? Thanks a lot in advance!
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